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Om oss | Sjömagasinet

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 11:30-23:00 | Saturday & Sunday 13:00-23:00

About Sjömagasinet

Sjömagasinet is beautifully located by Gothenburg's harbor entrance and has a history since 1775 as the East India Company's warehouse. The magazine has since then been used by both customs officials and pilots. Sjömagasinet has become best known for the fantastic cuisine signed by several well-known restaurateurs.

Leif Mannerström

With Leif Mannerström at the helm, Sjömagasinet took a natural place among Gothenburg's top restaurants. The secret was his genuine focus on seafood. Leif worked with great love and a large portion of Gothenburg humor.

Ulf Wagner & Gustav Trägårdh

After that, Ulf Wagner and the chef Gustav Trägårdh took over and left their mark on the restaurant. Now, among other things, a new level of wine cellars was added through their interest in chablis and champagne. The restaurant flourished and many returned again and again. Among the guests is Bruce Springteen with an entourage that always makes sure to pay a visit when they are in town.

Jennie Selin & Mats Sjölander

In 2021, it is now time for a new generation to take over the traditional magazine. With the restaurateurs Mats Sjölander and Jennie Selin, a new chapter is now being written in the history of the warehouse. Mats & Jennie had a long history from fine restaurants around Sweden and with a wide network of contacts within the guild, he is an obvious flag bearer of Sjömagasinet's proud tradition.
Jennie & Mats vision is to create a modern gastronomic overall experience based on the best ingredients from the sea together with carefully selected drinks. All in a noisier and warmer atmosphere with hearty serving. You are warmly welcome to experience the new old Sjömagasinet!
Jennie Selin och Mats Sjölander - Sjömagasinet